Summer 30x30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

I’m playing dress-up again! Just when I finished the 10x10 challenge hosted by @latina.minimalista, I started the 30x30. In 2010 @kendieveryday created this simple concept: choose 30 pieces of clothing and come up with 30 outfits for 30 days. It’s going to be the first time I go on a month-long capsule journey!


  • include shoes

  • exclude workout clothes and outwear (but if it’s what you mostly wear then why not!)

  • you can repeat outfits as much as you like

  • it’s ok to modify the capsule if you need

  • have fun!


For this capsule I chose loose fit and natural fibres. Also I’m gravitating towards Earth tones, even though some pieces are quite bright. You can check out my summer inspo board on Pinerest for better understanding.


Here are my picks! Each piece is linked to the page where you can find it. Some garments are the same, and some are sustainable alternatives.

The breakdown

  • 6 tees & tops

  • 3 shirts

  • 8 dresses

  • 2 jumpers

  • 5 bottoms (3 pair of shorts + 2 pants)

  • 6 pairs of shoes

* secondhand clothes

are you in?

During this month I’ll be posting mostly to Instagram Stories and sometimes to the feed (#koz30x30). And in the beginning of August you can expect a blog post with my thoughts on this Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.

Please let me know if you participate in this round too! I would love to see your 30 picks.

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