My Take Away from the Summer 30x30 Challenge + Wear Count

The #July30x30 challenge is over!

Last month I selected 30 items of clothing to create 30 looks over the course of 30 days. Here you can find the breakdown of the capsule, rules and my inspo board. In this post I share a take away from this fashion experience: thoughts, conclusions, wear count and all this jam.

Let’s dive in!

Shirts & long sleeves

I barely wore long sleeves, because it’s been crazy hot here in Spain since June. Maybe next time if I do this challenge, I’ll just allow myself to cheat in case the weather gets moody.

Tops & Tees

As you can see, all I need is a good white tee! Also, after a lot of thinking, I decided to resell that green crop top. I like how it looks on me, but I don’t like how lacy it is.


These red linen pants* are new. They are a substitute for the blue pants you see blurred above. Apparently, the blue pants are made from polyester. I literally boiled my legs in Valencia and decided to resell the pants. Maybe they will serve someone in a cooler country.


I’m not sure how I feel about the purple dress! The colour’s nice, the fabric too… I guess I’ll give it another chance and wait until net summer. Regarding the last dress, it’s more like a duster, only appropriate for the beach. I should have included something else (more tees?) to the capsule instead of this one.


Did I need heeled shoes for almost a month of long walks and rocky beaches? Definitely not. I wore heels just a few times when we went to have dinner with friends. Although I’d still include them into a capsule if I lived in a bigger city. Here heeled mules are for special occasions :)

These were my favourites!

These were my favourites!

Check these guys out!

I’m not entirely happy with my picks, but I am sure happy I decided to participate. Now I know what to keep, what to resell, what can be styled differently… And I got to follow the journey of others! Meet Zach, Stacey, Hannah and Kelsey. Give them a follow 🖤

Well, it’s been fun! But I’m looking forward to rest from clothing challenges and focus on my projects instead. Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts under this post on Instagram or here below. Bye-bye!

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