Item Spotlight: Organic Pima Cotton Loungewear

Conventional cotton, Egyptian, organic… Just when I thought I learned everything about this fabric, life introduced me to organic Pima cotton. It’s known to be the finest of all cottons, and now I know why! This blog post includes a brief Pima cotton’s history, interesting facts and my review of organic Pima cotton loungewear from Slow Nature

What is Pima cotton?

The name, Pima, comes from the Pima Indians who were the first to harvest the crop in the US. But archeologists have traced Pima cotton’s genesis to South America, having found some samples in ancient Peruvian tombs that predated the Incas. Peruvians know Pima cotton as “gamuza” (suede in Spanish) because of its silky soft feel, durability and high resistance to pilling. Which brings us to the next question…

what makes pima cotton so special?

Stephen Yafa, in his book ‘Cotton: the Biography of a Revolutionary Fiber’ says that the difference between Pima cotton and other cottons is like “the difference between perfectly drinkable table wine and a celestial Chateau Lafite-Rothschild”

Pima cotton is crème de la crème of its kind. Clothes made from organic Pima cotton deservedly claim the title of “sustainable luxury”. And there are quite a few reasons which support this statement.

extra long fibre

Perhaps the main advantage of Pima cotton is that it’s categorised as an ELS cotton, or Extra Long Staple. Pima cotton fibres are twice as long as fibres of ‘ordinary’ cottons (1-⅜” staple VS ½” to ¾”). 

extremely fine fibre

Pima cotton fibers are very fine, which means more fibres can be spun into cloth. The more fibres are in a cloth, the higher is the thread count. The higher is the thread count, the softer are final products.

harvested by hand

About 30% of world’s cotton is harvested by machines, but the Peruvian Pima cotton is picked by hand. This traditional method leads to fewer imperfections in the yarn, therefore to smooth and even fabric. Also it’s environmentally friendly!

All of the above justifies why I basically live in my Organic Pima Cotton Loungewear. It’s soft as a bunch of puppies, comforting as your best friend’s hug, and it will last a lifetime. Keep reading and find out where you can buy it, too.


Where to find pima cotton clothes?

The loungewear you see is from Slow Nature Essentials collection, also it is very special and rare: Pima cotton makes up about 2% of the world’s cotton, and organic Pima cotton is even more rare (approximately 0.0005%).

Cotton for this collection is grown without any harmful chemicals, harvested by hand, and coloured in accordance with OEKO-TEX international standards. All the products are available in eco-white and sky-blue, and are ethically made in Spain (yay!) For those days you want to stay in PJ’s but look like a queen, Slow Nature offers a variety of pieces: wraps, comfy tops, shorts, pants, and mini-dresses.

Slow Nature is a growing online space where you can find sustainable and ethical products. In September they will have a big launch! To stay in the know, follow Slow Nature on Instagram, or click a button below to learn more about their Essentials collection made from luxurious Pima cotton.

This blog post is sponsored by slow nature, but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Please contact me via this form on the blog, DM on Instagram, or comment below if you have any questions!