Green Guide to Moscow: 10+ Slow Fashion Places


What comes to mind when you think of Russia? Is it vodka, brown bears or snow? You’re right, we have plenty of those. But despite of what Western movies show you, Russia possesses some sustainable gems, too.

This Green Guide is dedicated to places where you can thrift in Moscow. It includes physical shops and online shops, some of them ship worldwide. Currently I’m also working on the ‘Where to Eat’ edit. In the future I’ll be sharing Green Guides to other cities as well. Subscribe below and stay in the know! For now, enjoy beautiful squares of vintage clothes and accessories.

Apparently I lived very close to this one! Thank god I didn’t know about Vintage Heritage, otherwise I’d spend everything there and wouldn't have enough for pizza. The store has been open since 2014. Their collection consist of garments from France, Germany, Italy and the US. Veronica Agapova, the founder, says that ‘vintage clothes help us treasure the past while making our personal stories’. Because clothes represent who we are. So make your story fabulous!

Which you can translate as ‘strictly vintage’, ‘only vintage’. It is a clothing store offering curated selection of garments gathered from all over the world. In Strogo Vintage, they like silk and antique laces, 20’s and 90’s, and unusual accessories. You can also purchase their incredible pieces online and add a sophisticated twist into your contemporary look.

Vintage Marketplace is a seasonal thing that takes place downtown in beautiful buildings with rich history. There you can buy everything from vintage dresses to Soviet pins and houseware. Follow Vintage Marketplace on Instagram or Facebook to make sure your trip aligns with the event.

I see quite a few followers of mine already follow this Moscow based vintage shop. No wonder - they ship online and offer 10% off first purchase. Total Vintage is also right where I used to live. I start getting a bit FOMO here!

Beautiful vintage clothing, beautiful feed and friendly (for vintage) prices. They sell online, you can message them on Instagram to ask about shipping and availability. The cat is not vintage and not for sale, I checked.

Svalka is a Russian word for ‘a pile of rubbish’, ‘dump’. Despite of its name, Svalka is a second-hand paradise. There you can also buy furniture if you wish to add a babushka-touch to your interior.

‘Showroom of selective clothing for aesthetes and hedonists’

Mix & Match Vintage offers modern-looking pieces and accessories. The shop was featured in various Russian magazines: Wonderzine, Blueprint and even Harper’s Bazaar. Well, I see why!

Vintage jewellery, ladies and gentlemen! The shop has some very stylish earrings from Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy and Dior. And most of them are under $100! Which is not much for a vintage pair of earrings from a famous fashion house, don’t you think?

Established in 1997! 12000 of hangers of selective vintage clothing! A lot of prints, a lot of colour, but they carry good denim, blazers and blouses. That’s basically all I need. The shop is big, get a bottle of water and a jar of patience: somewhere in that organised mess is your vintage souvenir from Moscow.

Another place where you can buy jewellery and sometimes (attention) Japanese haoris and kimonos! Yes guys. Those are even cooler than dusters.

This is where you leave all your money if you haven’t spent everything on vodka shots yet. Vintage Voyage carries premium vintage clothes starting from the beginning of the 20th century. It’s pricey, but worth visiting at least. They have some stunning dresses and jewellery pieces!

From all of the above this place is the kindest. People behind Charity Shop Msk were the first ones in Russia to raise awareness about the destructive side of the fashion industry, and how some of us switch clothes everyday while others literally have nothing to wear. Charity Shop Msk collaborates with Fashion Revolution Russia, so if you need to free some space in your suitcase, bring unwanted clothes to one of their four shops. All earnings they donate.

*** Svoya Polka is located in a creative space called Artplay. There everyone can rent a corner and sell their handmade or secondhand everything. Chumodan seems fun, but I didn’t mention it above because I didn’t find enough info about them. And also they really need someone to curate their feed (message me, hey).

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this sustainable list! As I said earlier, I will be sharing more guides to different cities in Europe. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you travel to one of the places I talk about. I’m always happy to help! 

Thank you for reading and take care!