Faux Fall 10x10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

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Ten days into October, Instagram is all pumpkin-flavoured, and I’m stuck with my summer clothes. Yes, still.

Seven slow fashion advocates from California decided to host a fall round of the 10x10 challenge despite the temperature being above 80°F (26°C). They named it Faux Fall! I can relate, so I hopped in.

Today’s blog post includes:

  • What the heck is 10x10?

  • My picks for the challenge

  • 10 outfits built with 10 pieces

  • My favoured outfits of the Californian hosts

  • And a bonus! How one gets ready for the 10x10 challenge

Let’s dive in!



It’s best explained by the challenge’s creator Lee Vosburgh:

“The 10 x 10 Style Challenge™ is an exercise I established in 2015 to help encourage myself to get more creative with my clothes during a 30 Day Shopping Fast. The concept is essentially a mini capsule closet of 10 items that you work with for 10 days, creating new looks and styling your clothes in ways you might not otherwise try.”

You can read more about this style exercise and download Lee’s 10x10 challenge worksheet here.

And here’s my Summer 10x10 experience.

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My Picks

  1. Striped top

  2. See-through sweater

  3. Black cotton tee
    Good ol’ basic piece. Get 15% off organicbasicsxsas15

  4. Bamboo box top
    Wear it buttoned up, unbuttoned, half-done, tucked in, with a knot… It’s a transformer top! ALISAKOZ15 for 15% off

  5. Black trousers

  6. Secondhand dress
    That can be worn as a skirt.

  7. Secondhand high waisted jeans

  8. Secondhand boots

  9. Secondhand sneakers

  10. Secondhand Boss jacket

10 days x 10 pieces = 10 outfits

It was a fun round, but here’s a full disclosure: most of the time I was wearing active wear, because I was either going to the gym or working in the garden. I love styling tho, and this challenge is a good style exercise! You’ll see me posting more about it (can’t stop won’t stop).
Here are my outfits:

which one is your favourite?

outfits you will want to pin!

These amazing ladies have been hosting the challenge for ten (very long) days! They commented all our posts, liked them, shared them, encouraged us to style old clothes in new ways and sent us sunshine and love. Check out their Instas and follow their journey!















how does one prepare for the 10x10 challenge?

You can spend some time going through your clothes and just pick out 10 items, you can write things down like I do, or you can use different apps to make a mini capsule for the challenge.



I love charts. I’m a nerd. Imperfectly hand-written, perfectly done in Excel - just give me a reason and I’ll chart the hell out of things.

You’ll need 11 rows and columns (or more depending on how many extra outfits you want). Place selected pieces in the first column, and number the columns from 1 to 10 starting with the second column. Now you have the chart! As you progress through the days, mark how many times you picked the items, and you’ll see which combos you haven’t tried yet.

This is probably the worst explanation EVER but the image I uploaded will give you an idea.


I use this app to log my outfits every day. It’s very convenient for building capsules: it counts wears, suggests outfits, you can add your clothes and remove it from your collections, you can choose which capsule is public, storage items and many other things… Cons - currently the app is not available for Android users and you can’t make collages there. Which you can make in this app:


I’m still uploading my clothes into the Stylebook app, so I’ll just recommend to check it out.


And here’s my favourite capsule of the #fauxfall10x10 by @frisky_gatos! She uses Stylebook, look how pretty the collages are. Also, her captions are hilarious (I think I have a style crush!)

That’s a wrap!

Thank you for reading guys! I hope to see your mini capsules in the next round of the 10x10 challenge. Take care!

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